Board Elections January 30, 2018

On January 30, 2018, members of the Berkeley County First Steps Partnership Board Nominating Committee will meet to consider nominations for new members of the Berkeley County First Steps Board.   The purpose of this memo and attachments is to solicit nominations from the board and the public to be considered by the committee so that a pool of qualified nominees can be presented to the full board.

Keep in mind that the board is looking for members to meet certain membership categories and who are willing to make the necessary time commitment to Berkeley County First Steps Partnership Board.

Attached is a nomination form that should be completed and returned to Elmire Raven, Nominating Chair, by January 15, 2018 at Berkeley County First Steps, 6215 Murray Avenue, Room 113 Hanahan, SC 29410.   We have also enclosed the responsibilities of board members and the categories of individuals as defined in the First Steps legislation that must be elected to the board.

Please call Adrienne Troy Frazier, at 843-863-3030 if you have any questions.

Nomination Form

Board Member Responsibilities

Elected Board Member Categories