BCFS Early Childhood Practice Consultant / 10 hours per week


The Early Childhood Practice Consultant builds the capacity of early education and care leaders to implement and sustain quality early childhood practices, birth-to-five. The Practice Consultant’s work is rooted in Implementation Science, inquiry and reflection, which forms the essential context for all of the BCFS work with local early education providers and other partners. The Early Childhood Practice Consultant provides targeted consultation, training and technical assistance to sustain high quality early education practice and support the advancement of BCFS’s Child Care Quality goals and partnerships. The Consultant facilitates peer learning across the early learning programs and its partner programs.  The Consultant provides content and practice expertise on early education and care to inform program development, professional development approaches and dissemination of best practices in order to promote high quality instruction and sustain positive outcomes for children, families and early childhood professionals.

Essential Job Duties

This position requires up to 30 % travel; must be familiar with E-learning supports

Sustaining Early Childhood Best Practices

  • Build the capacity of early care leaders and partners to implement and sustain high quality practices in leadership, data utilization, embedded professional development, teaching practices and intensive family engagement over time.
  • Contribute to the implementation and improvement of systems for training, consultation and peer learning to support high quality programmatic work across BCFS Child Care partners.
  • Leverage train the trainer, co-facilitation and online professional development and collaboration strategies to build knowledge, skills and capacity in local programs.
  • Provide consultation and support on SCFS Child Care Accountability Standards, SCIMHA, ABC Quality and SC ELS tailored to each partner’s experience with BCFS. Support will be most intensive in the early stages of early BCFS learning cohort’s membership and may be provided through individual or group phone calls, webinars, online distance learning and site visits.
  • Organize and support the facilitation of communities of practice in key areas of early childhood practice, (STEAM, Pyramid) with an emphasis on peer leadership, reflection and inquiry, professional learning and relationship-building.
  • Broker connections across child care centers, schools and community partners to support ongoing learning and continuous improvement in established BCFS practices: strong leadership, data-utilization, embedded professional development, high quality teaching practices and intensive family engagement.

Professional Learning and Innovation

  • Work with a diverse community of stakeholders to promote innovation and peer to peer learning on early childhood practices. Facilitate presentations BCFS and NAEYC best practices both within the BCFS Early Learning Cohort and to the early childhood community at large.
  • Provide and document consultative supports to leaders in early childhood that aid in the transfer and application of best practices in order to track and sustain positive outcomes for children, families and early childhood professionals.
  • Collaborate with centers, home visitors, schools and partners to identify innovative practices at the local level that could be scaled across the BCFS ECE Cohort and in other systems.
  • Broker connections across schools and partners to support ongoing learning and dissemination of new and innovative practices in strong leadership, data-utilization, embedded professional development, high quality teaching practices and intensive family engagement in early learning.
  • Document promising innovations and contribute to the dissemination of lessons learned through conference presentations (local/national), serving on national or local professional committees.
  • Provide recommendations and identify additional best practices that should be further developed to support high quality practice at BCFS centers, schools and other programs.

Subject Matter Experts and Product Development and Dissemination

  • Provide subject matter expertise and leadership to program development and dissemination efforts.
  • Document implementation of consultation, training and peer learning strategies, as well as the piloting and refinements of professional development approaches.  Contribute to the collection and analysis of progress and outcome data in these areas to support evaluation and improvement efforts.


  • Participate in strategic initiatives across the state, the BCFS and Lowcountry Region and the field to promote innovation and improvement in early education practice, as assigned.
  • Contribute to the onboarding of new early care STEAM, and Pyramid cohort participants.